Dr. Zarrin Azadi – International Seminar Speaker & Exceptional Life & Business Coach

Dr. Zarrin Azadi is well-known for her deep understanding of  fundamental concept of psychology and spirituality.

Dr Azadi has her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and her expertise in clinical cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

She is the Master practitioner of Hypnotherapy / NLP.  In the last 36 years she has conducted over 4000 experiential and interactive seminars that focus on Self-Improvement, communication, management and organizational skills.

In 2005 she has been chosen by S.G.K Foundation as a most inspirational Cancer survivor who has made a difference in people’s life. She is a 5 times cancer survivor. since her cancer survival she has presented numerous seminars for Cancer & MS patients all over the world. 

Dr. Azadi is the CEO of Shining Soul Institute, a none profit organization that provides a multi-disciplinary environment, psychological, emotional support and guidance to the multicultural population. She is the founder of  International Cancer Society and Co Founder of Completion International Academy.
Dr Azadi hosts a live TV show.


• Certified in Brief Therapy
• Certified in Industrial Psychology
• Certified in Biofeedback Training
• Certified in Art & Play Therapy
• Certified in clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapy
• Certified in EMDR
• Certified in counseling victims of sexual Trauma
• Certified in Art therapy & Dream analysis
• Certified in Life & Business Coaching
• Certified by International Hypnosis Instructors
• Certified by National Guild of Hypnotist


• California Psychological association
• Royle Institute of psychotherapy & Hypnosis
• American Hypnotherapy Organization
• International Network of clinical Hypnosis
• American Association of Hypnotherapy
• National Guild of Hypnotist
• American Board of Hypnotherapy
• The Mind care Organization
• IAVA Visual Art
• She is the past elected board member of medical Alliance (1999- 2001)